Ending this month Jio Summer Surprise offer, Learn what you now have to do?

Ending this month Jio Summer Surprise offer, Learn what you now have to do?

New Delhi: This month of July is like a reminder for users of Reliance Jio. Reliance Jio’s ‘Summer Surprise Offer’ is going to end this month for many users. If you are using this offer of Jio, then now you have to recharge your number soon. How do you get your plan information for this? How to recharge and what will be the plan? We are telling you this.

How to find the validity of Summer Surprise Offer?

When is your Summer Surprise? This date depends on when you have given a refund of Rs 303. To know the validity of your offer and to continue your services, you have to recharge for a long time. To know the validity of the plan, the user must open the Mizio app from the Geo app suits. After that you must login with your geo number. When you log in, you will be able to see which of the offers you are using and how long it is valid. If you have recharged from Rs 303 in April, your offer will end soon. In this case, you will need to recharge early.

What do we do now?

You will have to recharge the offer as soon as the offer is complete, it will be rather not of recharged offers. If you recharge 309 rupees, you will get 1 GB data every day and get unlimited voice calls but the twist is that its validity will be for 28 days. At the same time, 84 GB data is being provided for Dhan Dhan Dhan for 84 days in 309 rupees. It is a condition with those who take the Summers Surprise offer that they can not avail of Dhan Dhan offer, which means that the second offer can not be taken on the number of Summer Surprise offers. In this case, after the end of your offer, you will have to recharge ordinary tariff.

If you are a wealth money user then?

If you are using Jio Dhan Dhana Money Offer then you have time left now. If you want to know the validity of your offer, then you can go to the MyJio app and click on the My Plan. It will get information about your current account and plan.

Jio issued Summer Surprise Offer in April, after receiving recharge of Rs 99 with 303 or above, the user receives free data and unlimited calls for the next three months. However, on the suggestion of TRAI soon, Jio withdrew the Summer Surprise offer. The company had clarified that the users who have received these offers will continue to get the services.

But now a new user will not be able to take these services. After this, the company has given the Jio Dhan Dhan Dhar offer, which offers 84 GB of data and unlimited calls for 84 days for 309 rupees and the same is available for Rs. 509 for 84 days every day for 2 GB data and unlimited calls.

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