What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) seo-tutorial

 What is SEO, Search Engine Optimization

If you have any questions about SEO in English language, please visit Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a search engine optimization that is used by our website to search engine optimization. It is important to have SEO activities on your site, which is also the reason that Google’s website has been updated on your website.

Why we need SEO – This is what I am looking for online business. Every time the Internet is up and running If you want to do business online, please visit our website. This is not the name of the website, but it’s not a website that Google does not have a rank, and is not a visitor to your website, and you have no business right now. To get your website ranked high on Google, you have to pay for the SEO.

Process of SEO – Basically SEO 2 types have a high-

  1. ON-Page SEO
  2. OFF-Page SEO

Now we will learn about the types of these 2 SEO types in the details.

ON page is a great topic for you. ON Page means that your website has Google’s rules and regulations. ON Page SEO is the only way to edit your website, which is used by Google to easily read and use the user’s website. Ab on page SEO is what I do,
ON Page SEO Steps

1. Website Speed

1. If you have a speed of 1-5 seconds on your website then your website is fast.
2. If you have a speed of 5-10 seconds on your website then your website is up to date and it’s easy to improve.
3. If you have a website that speed 10> you have a poor website, you can use it immediately.
What is the Speed Slow- When is this the speed of the website that has been blocked by the heavy images and the javascript code for the website that has slowed down the speed of the website and has the javascript code to load it in a few minutes. To do this, please copy the images and use the JavaScript link.
2. Title Tag
To rank any website, the title tag has a heavy impact roles, winning your title will be more optimized, the more benefit it will be.

Click here
The meta title does not include any length 70 characters. Please enter one of the keywords for which you want to edit your keywords. All you have to do is remember that you have to replace the title bar bar in the same keyword, because Google’s spam is spam.

1. India Tour | Tourist Places in India | Online Tours Packages-Good Title
2. India Tour | India Tours | Best Indian Tour – Bad Title

3. Meta Description

By using meta descriptions, we do Google decrypting on which subject our website is, such as on sports or at tourism.

How to make good recommendations

Meta descriptions are limited to 160 characters, so that Google does not read any further. I would like to describe you with the words “use words” and “koshish” in the main keyword description file.


1. Travel to India- We are offering best packages for India tour and providing excellent services like booking hotels at very affordable prices. – Good Description

2. Book packages for India Tour, Indian Tourist Places, India Tours, Tourist Places in India, Tours to India.- Bed Description

4. Keyword Density

The keyword density is a good factor. The keyword of the word ‘density’ is to repeat the keyword’s content bar. Keyword density only 5% is the only reason why it is harmful to your website.

5. Hidden Content –

The website does not contain any hidden content. For example, when you click on the content page, you have to hide the content that you use but it does not appear to be a user site, so please do not show any content. Google has a hidden content connection

6. Image Alt Tag

I can not read the Google logo because I can not read it. The image on Google Images shows you the image of the image. For example- If you are not able to send a picture of Sachin Tendulkar on the website of Google, you will not be able to send an image to Google, or you will not be able to add an image to the tag tag of Sachin Tendulkar, which is why you decided to go to the Google Team. What is

7. URL Structure

Please help me to link a link to your URL. If you want to get a url from the post, then Google has given you a post on that topic.


http://www.officialharpreet.com/ wrong way

http://www.officialharpreet.com/post-name– Correct way

 8. Internal Links-

I posted some other related posts to the link too. But you have not been able to send me 5 internal links, because the readers have been using the link for readers to confuse.

9. Enable Gzip Compression –

Gzip compression used to access your site’s light weight. Gzip is your website’s HTML CSS is compressed in the JavaScript code, and the site’s loading time has gone.

10. Bold Important Keyword-

If you want to add a keyword to your keyword, click on the keyword “bold”. Bold means focus on the keyword, Google understands the focus of the keyword.

11. Website Structure –

Search the website for user friendly reasons. Bhut sare log has used my web site to use font size. If you want to know more about the smart phone and go to the website, then go to the full web page at least 15px to see it. Heading Tag properly I would like to read this book as well as the reader’s name in the address book.

12. The responsive website-

responsive website lets you find a website that has a mobile device or an altitude between the height and width of the desktop. I do not have any comments on my book for mobile readers Aapki is a website responsive or you do not want to reapply your browser, check out the image here, you have not been able to check or verify your website.


13. Heading Sequence-HTML me has some heading tags – H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 Using the heading tag in the hame, we have used a sequence that uses a sequence.

See all H1, fir H2, fir H3 …… aise sequence chalna chiye ko log h1, fir h2, fir h1 ,,,, aise bhi karne krte hai, but ye tarika bakul galat hai hai seo hai hagan hai

14. Post Length- If you have any queries, you will need to submit a report. You do not have enough time to complete the length of time, but you do not have enough likelihood. Post me informational content Please read more about 1000 words in Koshish

15. Sitemap- Sitemap is a great type of map, and Google gives you the best way to manage your web site. When Google is reading a website, Google search for the name of the file’s name as well as the Sitemap.xml file. If you want to crawler the file crawler, you can easily crawl it to the website, but the crawler does not want to go through all the pages of the website, because it is a problem that has caused a problem with your website.

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